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C'mon people! 
12:25am 09/01/2007
  Did everyone spontaneously stop loving Wing? Is she too famous and mainstream now for your tastes? Did you think she sold out when she released this album of delightful banshee shrieks?

(Personally, I think her version is *way* better.)
oh wing.. 
07:11pm 24/10/2005
mood: wing-y
i just stumbled upon this group when i was looking for wing info for a speech to inform i'm doing on wing for public speaking class. can i just say that i'm a musical theatre major, i plan to make singing my career, and i find wing to be the funniest phenomenom to ever happen.. ever. especially because she sings broadway tunes... oh boy, gotta love it!

she used to have all previews up on her site, but now it's only 5 a month. that's killing me. i wish i could listen to them all now, but i'm too cheap to pay the fee. [not to mention i'm almost worried it's a scam? i dunno.]

lol, but regardless, wing is awesome. period.
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11:01pm 21/10/2005
mood: wingishly amused
I love how Maxim Magazine decided to interview the one and only, Wing!

Interview with Wing

OMFG Wing KICKS ASS.. Hahaha
02:11pm 22/05/2005
  Oh, I cannot wait to listen to the Abba songs by Wing.. I talked about Wing with some friends and they are interested in listening to her music.. Yay!  
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05:59pm 13/05/2005
mood: Wingified
God, what an awful dream!

I was taking a nap and I just dreamed that I was at the National Art Centre in Ottawa with two friends to see Wing sing live and in person. Of course, there was no one there, practically, so although my tickets kinda sucked ass, we figured once it started we could move forward.

Wing came out, and I ran up to the front row and grabbed a seat... only Wing turned out to be this really frumpy white drag queen dressed up as a little Asian woman who was totally lip-synching along with "her" Dancing Queen recording, and lip synching really fucking badly, I might add.

My heart has been broken </3.

In other news, I still haven't gotten my songs from Wing. Grrrr... Wrote the website today, and no response. kobalt, did it take them long to get back to you?
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09:23am 19/04/2005
mood: aghast
It's kind of quiet on the Wing front...

...almost too quiet...
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03:20pm 08/04/2005
  You know what I'd like to hear?
"Wing Sings Your Favourite Death Metal"
And hell... I don't even really like death metal.
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Oh. My. God. 
11:12pm 07/04/2005
  Wing sings Dancing Queen.

I'm going to cry. My ears are bleeding.
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11:54pm 05/04/2005
  ooh wing.

i became a fan when a friend of mine posted about her on livejournal like...two years ago i guess. i haven't seen the infamous SOUTH PARK episode but i'm dying to!

she cracks me up...but there's something endearing about her catcalls.

so what's everyone's favorite Wing song??? I'm still with "Vision of Love" (not quite sure why it's on her Christmas cd though)...you MUST hear it. Oh lord. just...yeah...oh lord. i love it haha.

vorpal rocks by the way.
01:28pm 05/04/2005
mood: groggy
Wing icons!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They're just filled with wingeegoodness! :)
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10:10pm 04/04/2005
  I first heard Wing when she sang "Favorite Things" live on Graham Norton's show here in the UK.

I felt so sorry for the poor woman.

...am I insane for saying i think she actually sings quite nicely? In a... grandmother-comforting kind of way 8-/
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Welcome all... 
04:41pm 04/04/2005
  ...to wingfans.

I first heard about Wing on South Park's episode 903, and I promptly ran off to her website, WingTunes.com, joined, and downloaded a bunch of her tracks.

My favourite so far is "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", a cover she did of the song by the Beatles. What's yours?
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